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This series aims to help understand building blocks of Go, Gin with Docker and MySQL database. In this series we will build REST API endpoints for blog site.

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Backend As A Service with Go, Gin, Mysql & Docker

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Why Gin?

Well, Gin is a lightweight, well-documented and fast HTTP web framework. The creators claims that Gin is 40 times faster than other similar framework.


There is only one pre-requisites that you should already know before continuing this series.

  1. Fundamentals of Go
  2. Interested in learning web development with Gin Framework
  3. Tech enthusiast

Learning Objectives

This Series teaches the fundamental of building Rest APIs with Go & Gin. This series will cover following topics :

  • Setup Golang with MySQL and Docker for Local Development
  • Gin Framework for Rest APIs.
  • Clean Architecture
  • Dependency Injection with Go
  • Swagger Integration
  • Authentication with Firebase etc.

If you want to include topics in this series that aren't covered, please do comment. Any feedback/suggestion to improve the articles would be really awesome!

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